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The Analysis of Functions
Peter D. Taylor

From the foreword by Andrew M. Gleason, Hollis Professor of Mathematicks and Natural Philosophy, Harvard University:

"Peter Taylor…has designed a calculus course that emphasizes the concepts of calculus far more than the symbolic manipulations. Instructors who want to adopt an interactive teaching style will find this book with its marvelous collection of problems extremely helpful, and their students will learn to think more about the concepts of calculus."



1. The World: A Graphical Tour

2. The Derivative

3. Curves and Lines: Shape and Interaction

4. Exponential and Logarithm

5. Optimization

6. Integration

7. Probability

Answers to Selected Problems


ISBN 0-921332-38-6, Hardcover, $52.50 (Cdn), $43.75 (US)
ISBN 0-921332-37-8, Paperback, $39.95 (Cdn), $33.95 (US)
496 pages
Published in 1992.

Also Available:

Students' Solution Manual for Calculus:
The Analysis of Functions

by Sumit Oberai, Michael Roth, Peter D. Taylor

Worked solutions to about half of the problems in the text.

ISBN 0-921332-40-8,
Paperback, 118 pages.
Published in 1993.
$12.95 (Cdn), $9.95 (US)

Instructor's Resource Book and Solutions Manual for Calculus:
The Analysis of Functions

by Sumit Oberai, Michael Roth, Peter D. Taylor

Worked solutions to all problems in the text, plus overhead masters and sample exams.
Available to instructors who have adopted the text.

ISBN 0-921332-41-6,
Paperback, 362 pages.
Published in 1993.
$39.95 (Cdn), $29.50 (US)

Peter Taylor is Professor of Mathematics and Biology at Queen's University in Kingston, Ontario. He graduated from Queen's in 1964, and received his Ph.D. in mathematics at Harvard University in 1969, His research interests centre around genetic models of animal behaviour, particularly questions of the allocation of resources between male and female offspring, the dispersal patterns of offspring, and the evolutionary advantages fof altruistic behaviour.

He has chaired the Education Committee of the Canadian mathematics Society and has served as Governor for Canada of the Mathematical Association of America. He has taught at the high school level and has been running enrichment sessions for high school students and teachers at Queen's University for over 20 years. In 1992, he received the first Distinguished Teaching Award of the Mathematical Association of America, Seaway Section.

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