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Civilization and the Natural World
Byron E. Wall

The Price of Prosperity: Civilization and the Natural World is a historical analysis of the impact of human civilization on the natural environment in which we live. The thesis of the book is that no matter how human civilization may be defined, it has has been at a material cost to the environment, and there is no way around that. On the other hand, throughout history people have made many stupid or thoughtless actions that have caused unnecessary harm to the precious environment that supports us. The book may be viewed as a history of human civilization from the point of view of its affect on the environment. It was written for use in undergraduate survey courses on science, society, and the environment.

ISBN 0-921332-53-X
Paperback, 512 pages
Published in 2004.
$39.95 (Cdn), $33.95 (US)

Byron Wall is Senior Lecturer in the Department of Mathematics and Statistics at York University in Toronto, Canada. He is also the Coordinator of the Science & Technology Studies Program and teaches in the Division of Natural Science of the Faculty of Science & Engineering at York University. He has a Ph.D. from the Institute for the History and Philosophy of Science and Technology and an M.B.A. from the Rotman School of Management, both at the University of Toronto.

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