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Twelve Dramatic Portraits
John H. Kunkel

From the Foreword by Ernest R. Hilgard:
"Encounters with Great Psychologists is to be recommended to those who are overwhelmed by the detailed substance of introductory psychology texts which emphasize the nitty-gritty of psychological research, its varied topics, its apparatus, procedures, and statistical methods. Such features are not to be despised as part of becoming acquainted with psychology as a science, but it is a pleasure to have this supplementary approach which keeps the larger issues of human nature in the forefront.

"Many teachers of psychology may wish to assign this book in addition to a standard test. Encounters with Great Psychologists will also be attractive to a general audience of those who share a curiosity about what has been happening in psychology."

Ernest R. Hilgard
Stanford University

The twelve psychologists selected represent the major schools of thought in modern psychology and its recent history. Each psychologist is the subject of a short biographical sketch and a synopsis of his major contributions, followed by a lively conversation between the psychologist and several individuals. During these sometimes heated discussions, the psychologist's views of human nature are revealed and his methods and perspective are described and evaluated. All of these imaginary conversations are based upon historical documents and events. Together they present the reader with a comprehensive overview of modern psychology.

The Psychologists

Wilhelm Wundt / William James / Sigmund Freud / Alfred Adler / Carl Gustav Jung / Ludwid Binswanger / John B. Watson / B. F. Skinner / Albert Bandura / Kurt Lewin / Jean Piaget / Abraham Maslow

ISBN 0-921332-14-9, Hardcover, $39.95 (Cdn), $33.95 (US)
ISBN 0-921332-09-2, Paperback, $29.50 (Cdn), $24.95 (US)
304 pages
Published in 1989.

John H. Kunkel is Professor Emeritus at the University of Western Ontario in London, Ontario, Canada, where he taught social psychology.

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