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Alexis P. Rubin, Editor

Scattered Among the Nations brings Jewish history vividly to life. It is a collection of important historical documents, gathered together for the first time in one volume, that have had a major impact on Jewish existence over the last two millennia.

Made up of Laws, commentaries, letters, reports, and observations written by Christian religious and secular leaders, these documents and the forces they put into motion deal with the principal events and turning points in post-biblical Jewish history. The book also contains Alexis Rubin's extensive introductions and explanatory notes, which provide historical context and illuminate content.

Scattered Among the Nations is both a Jewish history source book and a text. In addition, it focuses on Christian-Jewish relations and the Jewish people's age-old struggle for survival in the face of hatred and persecution. The documents trace the evolving relationship between Christians and Jews from the Christian viewpoint. Ms. Rubin's commentary emphasizes the effects of those viewpoints and the conditions under which the Jewish people labored to carve out their existence.

Included in Scattered Among the Nations are documents that, for example, reveal early Christian reactions to the death of Jesus, exhort the faithful to convert Jews by force, falsely accuse Jews of ritual murder, restrict land ownership and choice of occupation, forcibly lock Jews in ghettos, order the wearing of special badges, expel Jews from their country of birth, expose what culminated in the horror of the Holocaust, and chronicle the post-Holocaust attempts by Christian churches to overcome the prejudice of the past. Whether their effects were local, national, or international, almost forgotten or well known, these are some of the writings that have profoundly influenced Jewish history.

Scattered Among the Nations provides an unique text or resource for history, religious studies, and Christian-Jewish relations courses; it also belongs in college and public libraries where its lucid style and accessible approach will attract both scholars and general readers.

ISBN 1-895131-10-3
Paperback, 368 pages
Published in 1993.
$34.50 (Cdn), $29.50 (US)

Alexis P. Rubin teaches Jewish history and lives in Saratoga, California.

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