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Literature for ESL Students at the Intermediate Level
Jessie Porter, Editor

Voices Past and Present, is an anthology of selections from literature based on the premise that literature, with its universal appeal, is an effective way to both motivate and teach ESL students. Narrative, with its elements of action, conflict, suspense, romance, and humour, arouses and sustains student interest. The logical development of plot often enables ESL students to handle more difficult material, and their interest in theme or character provides even more reason to keep reading. At the same time, ESL students can develop language skills comfortably and pleasurably through involvement with literature, as the reading selections contained in this book expose them to models of good language, including correct grammatical structures, interesting word choice, figurative language, idioms, and organization of ideas. Literature also offers these students opportunities to explore many cultures and to examine their own beliefs and values, thus gaining a better understanding of themselves and the social and cultural environment in which they live.

ISBN 1895131227
Hardcover, 432 pages.
Published in 2000.
$43.75.(Cdn), $35.95 . (US)

Jessie Porter was Head of English as a Second Language at Jarvis Collegiate Institute in Toronto. She is also the editor of New Canadian Voices, an anthology of writings by new Canadians learning English and adjusting to life in Canada.

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