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A Guide for Adult Educators
Patricia Cranton

This is Patricia Cranton's newest book on how to approach and organize the teaching of adults. In this work, she takes a fresh look at the task of finding the most appropriate methods for teaching different subjects, groups of learners, and learning environments. The chapter titles are:

  • Starting Out
  • Setting the Climate
  • Creating Opportunities for Learners to Have a Say
  • Fostering Student Responsibility for Learning
  • Understanding Learning Styles
  • Establishing Relationships
  • Organizing Sessions
  • Managing Time
  • Selecting Readings
  • Facilitating Discussion
  • Getting Feedback on Teaching
  • Creating Variety
  • Being Authentic
  • Using Group Work
  • Designing Learning Activities
  • Challenging and Supporting
  • Using Technology
  • Asking Questions
  • Giving Feedback
  • Encouraging Individuation
  • Providing Meaningful Evaluation
  • Endings



ISBN 1-895131-23-5
Paperback, 242 pages
Published in 2003
$29.50 (Cdn), $24.95 (US)

Patricia Cranton received her B.Ed. degree (1971) and M.Sc. degree (1973) from the University of Calgary, and her Ph.D. degree (1976) from the University of Toronto in measurement, evaluation, and computer applications.

Crantonís main research interests have been the evaluation of teaching in higher education, instructional development, self-directed learning, and transformative learning. She was selected as a Distinguished Scholar at Brock University in 1991 in recognition of her research and writing. She received the Ontario Confederation of University Faculty Associationís Teaching Award in 1993 and the Lieutenant Governorís Laurel Award in 1994 for an outstanding contribution to university teaching.

Patricia Crantonís previous books include Planning Instruction for Adult Learners (1989), Working with Adult Learners (1992), Understanding and Promoting Transformative Learning: A Guide for Educators of Adults (1994), and Professional Development as Transformative Learning: New Perspectives for Teachers of Adults (1996).

From 1976 to 1986, Patricia Cranton was at McGill University in the Centre for Teaching and Learning and the Department of Educational Psychology and Counselling. From 1986 to 1996, she was at Brock University in the Faculty of Education. She founded Brock Universityís Instructional Development Office and directed it from 1991 to 1996. Patricia Cranton is now an independent educator and consultant.

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