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A Psychologist's Personal Journey Out of His Depression, Rev. Edition
Norman S. Endler

Holiday of Darkness is the compelling personal account of his own mental illness by an eminent clinical psychologist and professor of psychology. Dr. Norman Endler relates the story of his depressive breakdown, including his early symptoms, his family's reactions, the effect on his work and relationships, the prognosis of the illness, his therapy, and his ultimate recovery.

In addition, Dr. Endler places his individual story of mental illness in a larger context. He examines the nature, antecedents, and treatment of depression in general, offering valuable and accessible information and hope to those who suffer from its effects. Dr. Endler also provides valuable insights on controversial topics, such as the stigma attached to mental illness, how the patient attempts to cope, and the use of drugs and electroconvulsive therapy (ECT) in treatment.

ISBN 0-921332-29-7
Paperback, 166 pages
Published in 1990.
$19.50 (Cdn), $16.50 (US)

The late Norman S. Endler was Professor of Psychology at York University and Senior Research Associate at the Clarke Institute of Psychiatry in Toronto.

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