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Compensations for Learning Disabilities
Sandra C. Crux

Learning Strategies for Adults is an invaluable handbook for educators of adults or young adults. While the emphasis is on helping those learners with learning disabilities, the strategies outlined are useful for all adult learners. Whether you are a lecturer in a college or university, a trainer in a factory, a manager of an office, or a teacher of general interest classes, the clear, concise, and detailed learning strategies contained in this book will help you better instruct all adults.

The goals of this handbook are to provide adult educators with:

·        an informal method to assess the needs of learning disabled adults;

·        information on formal assessment procedures that can be used in conjunction with the informal assessment method when a discrepancy identification of learning disabilities is required;

·        instructional techniques to be used in their classrooms or other learning settings; and

·        strategies to enable learning disabled adults to compensate for their learning deficits.

The next chapter gets the adult educator started. It presents the first steps in the compensatory strategies process: namely, how to find out what learners’ difficulties are; when formal testing is appropriate; and how HELP can contribute to decisions on program development.

ISBN 1-895131-04-9
Paperback, 144 pages
Published in 1991.
$19.50 (Cdn), $16.50 (US)

Sandra C. Crux, Ph.D., is an adult learning and assessment consultant in private practice.



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