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Cosmetics Retailing, Revised Edition
Debbie Purvis

The Business of Beauty by Debbie Purvis is the essential book for everyone in the beauty business. Retail beauty advisors, direct sales consultants, estheticians, cosmetologists, instructors and students all need the invaluable information it contains in order to improve service to clients and increase sales.

Topics include:

        fundamentals of hair and skin care, makeup techniques, fragrance and cosmetics

        practical material on professional selling techniques

        merchandising, display, and inventory control

        fashion styles, terms, and advice

        communication and job search skills

ISBN 1-895131-13-8
Paperback, 384 pages
Published in 1994.
$34.50 (Cdn), $29.50 (US)

Debbie Purvis has been program coordinator and teaching master for the Cosmetics Retailing Program at Centennial College in Toronto. She is also a fashion model, beauty consultant, makeup artists, lecturer, and television host.



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