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The business of Wall & Emerson, Inc. is to publish textbooks for colleges and universities in certain subject areas. We are interested only in texts that would serve as required reading for courses with steady and predictable enrollments, primarily at the undergraduate level. The subject areas that we are pursuing at present are: adult education, the history and philosophy of science and technology (including science and technology studies), and English as a second language. We will also consider texts in mathematics, industrial engineering, and engineering economics, provided that they have a unique point of view.

We do not publish books of fiction, poetry, other works of general interest, nor books for a professional or scholarly market. Our books are tied to specific courses and specific audiences.

Prospective authors should send a description of their proposed work, a tentative table of contents, a sample chapter or two, and their curriculum vitae. Also we would appreciate any information that can be provided about the potential market for the work the course for which the work is intended, where such courses are taught, what books now serve the same courses, and how the proposed text differs from these.

Proposals may be submitted via e-mail, fax, or regular mail.

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