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Wall & Emerson, Inc. is a Canadian textbook publishing company founded in 1987, based in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. We are a highly computerized operation using the latest in desktop publishing technology to produce high quality publications at minimal overhead cost. Wall & Emerson is noted for the detailed and individual attention given to each project. Our publishing program concentrates on textbooks for universities and colleges, primarily in adult education, science, history of science, mathematics, English as a second language, and industrial engineering. Order fulfillment is provided by the University of Toronto Press.

Byron E. Wall (President), is responsible for acquisitions, technical editing, book production, accounting, and general management. He is Senior Lecturer in the Department of Mathematics and Statistics, the Science & Technology Studies Program, and the Division of Natural Science of York University. He previously held various positions, covering all aspects of book publishing at Harcourt Brace Jovanovich Canada, Academic Press, and House of Anansi Press Ltd.

Martha Wall (Vice President), is responsible for manuscript editing, marketing, scheduling, and customer accounts. She was previously a teacher in Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver, and San Francisco.

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